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Wine #1 Charles Shaw Shiraz 2007

Posted in Shiraz on August 23, 2008 by Brad
our inaugural wine

our inaugural wine

Kicking of this review site with a modest selection….  $1.99 at Trader Joes.

I started my forray into wines with the Charles Shaw Cabernet, back when it first made such a splash as “2 Buck Chuck” at Trader Joes.  Not because I liked it so much (it was ok) but because I started to realize there were quite a few wines Traders offered that were damn cheap!  So for that I will thank them.  I’ve never tried their Shiraz though… until now.

So I take a swig.
Cherries.  Sour cherries.  And a little bitter and acidic.  Kinda like I ate a bowl of cherries and threw up.
Ok not quite that bad… but it was an “off” kind of sour for me, and very overpowering.  Just a bit of wood flavor cutting through.  And oops… it’s gone.  Like ghost.  Quick finish.
The flavors mellowed after letting it sit for a bit.   I won’t be buying this one again.
Rating: **

Now some reviews of the same wine from a couple of my friends…

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A liver in search of a bargain

Posted in Other on August 19, 2008 by Brad

Ever had a good wine for less than 10 bones?  I have.  Good and bad though… and then when I’m back at the store I’m struggling to remember which one I liked and which made me gag.  So I decided to make this site.  Mostly for myself, but feel free to join in, try a wine, post your comments, and recommend one to me.

Here’s the rating scale I’m going with.  5 stars… (think iTunes or Rockband)

* Avoid it

** Drinkable…barely

*** Ok to buy

**** Seek it out

***** Amazing wine/Great value!