Wine #1 Charles Shaw Shiraz 2007

our inaugural wine

our inaugural wine

Kicking of this review site with a modest selection….  $1.99 at Trader Joes.

I started my forray into wines with the Charles Shaw Cabernet, back when it first made such a splash as “2 Buck Chuck” at Trader Joes.  Not because I liked it so much (it was ok) but because I started to realize there were quite a few wines Traders offered that were damn cheap!  So for that I will thank them.  I’ve never tried their Shiraz though… until now.

So I take a swig.
Cherries.  Sour cherries.  And a little bitter and acidic.  Kinda like I ate a bowl of cherries and threw up.
Ok not quite that bad… but it was an “off” kind of sour for me, and very overpowering.  Just a bit of wood flavor cutting through.  And oops… it’s gone.  Like ghost.  Quick finish.
The flavors mellowed after letting it sit for a bit.   I won’t be buying this one again.
Rating: **

Now some reviews of the same wine from a couple of my friends…

Chris’s Review:

Charles Shaw – 2007 Shiraz

I had this wine before home made spaghetti, and was ready to be disappointed based on previous experiences with Charles Shaw reds. The good news is, I was pleasantly surprised. The bad news will come a bit later.

This wine has a pretty light body, and I didn’t find it very fragrant at all. If anything, a slight woodsy smell. On first taste, I found it pretty dry, and somewhat tart, but it disappeared quickly. As soon as the tartness left, there was a pretty nice oak-ish taste. I found this to be the highlight of the wine, not much else stood out.

Now the bad news I alluded to earlier. As quickly as the smooth oak tones came, they left just as fast. The wine left no impression at all, and all the things I liked about it vanished as soon as it was swallowed. It’s not all bad though, I’d rather this than an acidic wine that clobbers you over the head and doesn’t leave.

To summarize, I think this would be a nice, safe choice to give to a group when you’re looking out for your wallet. I think it would be very drinkable, if not forgettable, and there’s the kick. For 1.99, I have no choice but to factor in the absurdly low price to my final review. If this wine were close to our high end budget, i’d most likely give it two stars. Factoring in the price though, I feel ok bumping it up to three.

Final Score – ***

Eric’s Review:

Tasting Date: 8-27-08
Location: Home
Tasting Partner: Jen
Wine Name: Charles Shaw 2007 California Shiraz
Producer: Charles Shaw
Region: Napa, California
Grape Varieties: Shiraz
Vintage: 2007
Alcohol: 12.5%
Price: 1.99 @ Trader Joe’s

Color: Ruby
Color Depth: Watery
Clarity: Clear
Aroma Intensity: Low/Moderate
Development: Youthful
Aroma: Pungent Alcohol
Dry/Sweet: Medium Sweet/Sweet
Body: Medium/Light
Acidity: Tart
Tannins: High Type: Hard
Flavor Intensity: Low

Flavors:  Slight hint of cherry maybe, a fruity mix, jammy but indistinct
Finish: Short ❤ seconds
Food paired with: Nacho Cheese Doritos

The legend of Two Buck Chuck precedes this inexpensive but drinkable wine made with California grapes.
I have tried other wines from Charles Shaw and this was better than most of the others.  In fact, this is one of the best wines I have had that cost under two dollars, but that’s not saying too much.  There are a lot of wines out there in the 4 dollar range that are better.  The aroma is a mix of alcoholy-ness and mild B.O or maybe that’s me, actually it’s not me, I smell good today.  When aerated in my mouth, the lack of flavor was astonishing with absolutely no flavor intensity and no distinguishable flavor.  It was a literal black hole of flavor intensity.  I’m going to leave the bottle corked on the kitchen counter and see if it may taste better tomorrow as it did seem a bit tanninish.
If you are in need of a fix and only have 2 dollars, I guess go with this or maybe try the Charles Shaw Cabernet Savignon.

Rating: **

Jason’s Review:

I would rate this wine three stars (***).  However, if this wine were to cost me our ten dollar limit it would reduce the score to two stars.  The fact that it is only two bucks earned it a third star.
This wine had a ruby colour hue with a watery depth.  Upon opening and swirling the wine in my glass I would say that the aroma was low to moderate.  It is a light bodied wine with a hint of sweetness.  I feel that this wine would be better suited being used for cooking, offering a nice sweet taste to any roast.

12 Responses to “Wine #1 Charles Shaw Shiraz 2007”

  1. n Calabrese Says:

    How can I buy this wine I can not keep driving 3 hrs to buy at Trader Joes store?? there is nothing I know closer can I order on line??

  2. According to Wikipedia, 2 buck chuck is sold exclusively at Trader Joes. And I don’t believe they ship either.

    Charles Shaw is a brand of “extreme value” wine. All from California vineyards, Charles Shaw wines currently include Cabernet Sauvignon, White Zinfandel, Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz, Valdigue in the style of Beaujolais nouveau, and limited quantities of Pinot Grigio. These wines are sold exclusively by Trader Joe’s grocery stores, and sell for $1.99 in California.

    If you can make an excuse for the trip, maybe make it out that way once every other month or so and buy a case of assorted wines from TJ’s. Lots of wines there under even $5. For me many are better than Charles Shaw. I hope to review a lot of those here.

  3. afrankangle Says:

    Sorry to say … I’m not a Charles Shaw fan. A bargain yes … but it’s a $3 wine that tastes like a $5.

    I look forward to watching your journey. Fyi: “Dynamic” is a Trader’s exclusive.

  4. I’ve had the good fortune to have tasted some of the most expensive and exclusive wines in the world.
    Some are truly awesome.
    2 Buck Chuck can hold it’s own.
    It’s great with a fatty beef.

  5. very good wine

  6. curmudgeon Says:

    Just discovered (Jan 2011) an unopened case of this in my cellar and it tastes better than ever! Enormous jammy fruit. You could easily pay more than $10 for an Aussie Shiraz and not do better than this wine.

  7. It’s really not bad…probably close to yellow tail or lil penguinfor 25% of the cost. I cant tell you about the oakiness and tannins and jaminess because I have no idea….but I like what I like. Like the reviewwer said, there are some aspects of the taste that are less than desireable, but they leave instantly. For 2 dollars its a steal…and after the initial 2-3 glasses of any wine it all kind of tastes the same. For a party of the sole purpose of getting tipsy, you cant do better.

  8. It’s fine. Probably the best of the Charles Shaw offerings. Light-bodied, slightly sweet, definitely not flabby. A two-dollar bottle of wine is hardly worth reviewing, but this one tastes like a five-dollar bottle. I keep a couple bottles around because I find it vaguely pleasing. Not my favorite cheapo (that honor goes to this one but it’s not a bad glass of wine. Pairs well with pasta and Caesar salad.

  9. site review…

    […]Wine #1 Charles Shaw Shiraz 2007 « Poor Reds[…]…

  10. I drink 1/2 glass of wine at night to help me relax and sleep, my Dr. recommended this wine for my fibromyalgia problem, Someone had brought a bottle as a Hostess gift at a party I gave, and I decided to give it a try and I found it very tolerable, as I haven’t tolerated red wine in the past. When I found the Shiraz at Traders I was surprized it sold for 1.99! When swirling in my glass I found the aroma to smell like wine ( I am not a connesiuer in the least) it tastes like red wine and is the first of red wine I have tolerated, I like it , but then I am not an expert at all. We are all so different in likes and dislikes to each his own. I agree the price is right to serve as a second glass to guests at a large gathering.

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