2006 Pillar Box Red

pillar_box_red_2004This is a wine I saw recommended on the WinelibraryTV podcast and decided to hunt it down.  I finally found it at Nugget Market for $11.99 and since that is typically out of my price range (especially for an unknown wine) it took me a while to try it.  I finally broke down and gave it a whirl a couple of months ago and then just last week saw that Costco carries it now for just over $8.  Joy!

When I originally started to take the plunge into the wine world I avoided blends… figuring it was winemaker’s attempts to hide the bad taste of their original creations.  “This Cab tastes like dirt!  This merlot tastes like grape jelly!  Maybe together we could pass them off…”

But now I am finding these are legitimate creations and actually some of my favorite wines.  The Mutts and Mongrels of the wine world.  No pedigree, but all heart.  This particular pooch is 50% Shiraz, 42% Cab, and 8% merlot.

First a sniff… and not much there.  Pleasant, but faint.  Could be because my nose is slightly stuffy, but Dawn says she can’t smell much either.  Vaguely berry-ish.  Go figure.

Now the taste.  Much bolder than the smell.  Sour cherries and pepper.  Perhaps a bit of blackberry or something sweet as well.  Very striking flavor and a moderate finish.  It doesn’t leave you right away.  It has a little bit of sour/tart more so than big bright berries.  Maybe more than most would prefer.  I like it… but it needs to be drunk (drank? drinked?) with some food.  I’m scarfing down some brie… but A nice pork chop with a sweet sauce would be awesome.

**** (4 stars)  Definitely a good buy, but maybe not an every day wine.


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