2007 Bear’s Lair Chardonnay

p1010935Second in our journey to the dark side with white wines, it’s the Bair’s Lair Chardonnay, also from Trader Joes.  Chardonnay is more of my idea of a decent white as it is the only one I can identify as “dry”.  I’m also familiar with the Bear’s Lair label as their Cabernet is the first good bargain wine I ever found (once I wandered out of the valley of 2 buck chuck).

The smell on this one is almost non-existent, but it does have just a hint of that typical chardonnay butteriness.  In tasting it is exactly as I expected… dry, pear, buttery… a touch flowery.  And without so much as a tip of the hat,  it’s gone.  Clean.  Just the way I like a white.  If I have to have a white.  And on this occasion, I do.

Dawn managed to polish it off, but she prefers the Chenin Blanc.

*** (3 stars)  Tipping in at a mere $3.99, I could imagine this might actually be tasty with a spicy shellfish dish.


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