2007 J.W. Morris Chenin Blanc

p1010936I like white wines like I like Barbra Streisand… that is to say I don’t.  While red wines are warm, dark and mysterious, white wines for me are like taking a bite out of Punky Bewster… sweet, bright, and unbearably cheerful.  While you can fully expect this blog to be 99% Red wines, I have recently been forced to buy some whites to appease my wife.  And so as not to completely waste the experience I am going to review some of them here.

When I do drink a white, it’s usually at gunpoint… and it always is something on the dry side.  My wife, Dawn, has the opposite taste unfortunately.  She says her favorite is Chenin Blanc, and since I don’t know one from the other, I bought four different sub $5 whites from Trader Joe’s and another from a local grocery store, two of which are Chenin Blanc.

The first is a JW Morris Chenin Blanc.  It’s pale… smells vaguely of apples and honey… and tastes like if you made a syrup out of a Granny Smith and sweet tarts, then chased it down with a blast of Binacca.  I really wanted no more than a couple of sips.  Diabetics beware.

** (2 stars)  It’s not vile, it’s just too sweet for me.


One Response to “2007 J.W. Morris Chenin Blanc”

  1. Just love the JW Morris chenin blanc. Trader Joe does not carry it anymore
    Asked just this week when they would be stocking it again, but that line has been discontinued-so I was informed. Does anybody know where i can find it? thanks

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