I’ve been cruelly struck down by the flu bug that’s been sweeping the area rather indiscriminately.  And for me at least, wine or any alcohol is the last thing that sounds good when I’m sick.  Same with dairy and coffee and soda.  So both my wine and coffee addictions are on hold for the time being.

The results of the “great white wine” challenge are on hold as well.  But I’m posting anyway to keep my momentum going and keep the activity on the site.



3 Responses to “Sick!”

  1. See, I loves me some coffee when I’m ill.

    Course, you pour all that milk into it…

  2. That’s probably my problem. I turn to tea when I’m sick. It’s the only time I drink tea (except green tea with Chinese food).

    This damn cold/flu/mange/whatever has still got ahold of me. At least enough to continue affecting my appetite and taste. And so the tasting remains on hold.


  3. Finally, my taste has returned! Hallelujah!

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