2007 CNW Chenin Blanc


This bottle was $10.99 at Nugget Markets (a local Northern California grocery store).  The brand hails from Clarksburg, California (about 5 miles from my home apparently, who knew?) and the wine expert that sold me on it did so by saying that the Berringers and other big name brand Chenin Blanc’s add sugar water to their wines to make them sweet.  Not so here he claims.  This is Chenin in the more tradition French mold.  It comes with a screw top… something which I am warming to more and more.  I really love my corkscrew though and the ritual of opening a bottle.  But the screw cap is a close second, and really beats the annoying rubber stopper hands-down.

Typical white on the nose… pear and apple.  But in taste it is much more tart than I expected.  Still the typical Chenin flavors, but not nearly as sweet, but not quite dry either.  Tart apple and maybe melon.  A hint of honey?

Sorry I have little else to say, my pallet for white wine is still an insolent child.  Not up to the lofty levels of “angsty teen” that my red wine tastes have grown to be.  Nevertheless I don’t mind this wine.  I was pleasantly surprised considering all the other Chenin’s were borderline undrinkable for me.  It’s got a strong flavor though so be careful it doesn’t overpower what you’re eating (like say fish).  But impossible to justify for me at $10.99 a bottle.

*** (3 stars)


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