2005 Trader Joe’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

p1010982I was interested to see this “Trader Joes” branded wine the other day mysteriously labeled “Reserve”.  It’s origin was shrouded in mystery, but it was a Cab… had “reserve” in the name which made me feel special… and it was a 2005, which seems a little older than most of the Cabs I have been buying so I thought it would be interesting to try.

It’s got a deep black currant color when poured in the glass.  A good sign so far.  The first taste I had was a bit sour… but when I had another glass the next day I think I tasted more what this wine is capable of.  It has an intense black licorice flavor, mixed with blackberries and some black cherries.  That’s a lot of black.  There’s also a hint of oakiness in there too (black oak?).  I’m not a big oak fan, but there not enough of it here to turn me off.

This wine’s growing on me.  I didn’t really like it at first, but now I’m starting to dig it.  But at close to $10 for the bottle (I don’t remember the exact bill, but it was 8 or 9 at least) and such intense flavors, I think it’s a bit limited in it’s opportunities.  Maybe with a big peppery steak.  Yum!

***1/2 (3 and a half stars… maybe 4 if I keep drinking)

UPDATE: I went back to TJ’s today to check the price, but this wine was no where to be found.  Must have been some limited time thing.


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