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Red is Dead?

Posted in Uncategorized on March 4, 2009 by Brad

skullWhen I listen to music, I can hear the individual instruments.  I can listen closely and hear just the bass line… or hear the snare… or sax or whatever.  My wife can only hear music.  No ability to pick out a particular sound or rhythm from amongst the final product.  Classical music is obviously much more complicated and dense, but I can do the same there, just to a lesser degree.

With wine… all I hear is music.  I have no palate to pick out the individual flavors.  At best I can taste sour or bitter or sweet.  Maybe something that resembles a fruit or a spice.  As evidence you see a string of reviews that say “cherry, berry, pepper… sour, sweet… yum or bleh”.  The equivalent of only knowing 3 chords.  Or only having one string on your bass.  Sure it’s been done… but it doesn’t take long till all the songs sound the same.

That’s how I’m starting to feel on these reviews.  So this may be the end.  Despite having a kick-ass concept, and site name, and cool looking page.  Ultimately it’s nothing I couldn’t do in a spreadsheet with a thumbs up and thumbs down for each bottle.

Eh, who know how I’ll feel tomorrow, but today I’m officially… probably… retired.